The world's lowest fee bitcoin-only exchange. The best place to sell your dollars, regardless of how big of a bag you have been holding, with novel automation tools for a seamless cash management experience.

CALIBER features

More than just an exchange, Caliber provides a total cash-management solution, with automation tools to seamlessly move between bitcoin and dollars, even allowing you to spend bitcoin over fiat payment rails.

Ultra-low fees

Fixed lifetime or yearly membership cost, then 0 fee, 0.1% spreads, undercutting Strike's 0 fee, 0.2-0.3% spread, and massively undercutting every bitcoin-only exchange that allows moderate or large volume. For those who prefer low fees to having their hand held as they use or learn about Bitcoin.

A near-margin hardware store

Just because Bitcoin's at an early stage, doesn't mean we should have large markups. We will sell titanium seed plates in 6-packs for less than you'd pay for 2 stainless steel ones, and expand to other products over time e.g. low cost SBCs for nodes.

Automated x-dollar banking

Better than DCA. Set X to any number you want, even 0. We'll automatically and instantly buy bitcoin whenever your bank balance goes above this, and sell if it goes below this. With most bank accounts, you will be able to spend dollars you don't have and replace them as you spend.

Automated tax optimization

Get notified, or set threshold tools that automatically sell and rebuy to harvest losses. Ultra-low fees are critical: a 1% fee turns into 2% or $20k per million dollars if you want to tax loss harvest elsewhere. For those who are all-in and spend btc, we will automate lot selection so you always are selling the highest cost-basis coins first, even if they aren't on our exchange.


This is what an exchange for the end-game looks like. Steep membership discounts for early adopters.

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